Saga Wide bookcase + 2 drawer Grey color

6 900 kr

Saga wide bookcase from the Swing collection has an asymmetrical arrangement of shelves of different widths and two drawers equipped with high-quality slides with a brake and self-closing. Additionally, you can buy a door, thanks to which we can close part of the rack (4 shelves of the same width are suitable for this). It is available in white and has wooden legs made of solid beech wood.  It fits both a boy's and a girl's room. Product for self-assembly   

The design of the collection emphasizes detail and elegance – wooden beech legs give the furniture a sense of lightness and finesse. The collection is available in two colors: classic white and grey – a fresh addition to the Saga range, widely appreciated by customers.

Dimension: 120,0/42,5/160 cm

4 packages
1/4 package
length: 140 cm
width: 45 cm
height:  7,5 cm
weight: 23 kg

2/4 package
length:  125 cm
width: 48 cm
height: 10,5 cm
weight: 23,5 kg

3/4 package
 length:  75,5 cm
width: 48 cm
height:  15 cm
weight: 23,5 kg

4/4 package
length: 40,5 cm
width:26 cm
height: 8 cm
weight: 1,5 kg