Saga Bed 200x120 cm Grey

7 290 kr

SAGA Bed designed for a mattress measuring 200 x 120 cm. A drawer of 200 x 90 cm and a protective rail from the SAGA collection can be purchased additionally for the bed. The bed is made of lacquered solid beech wood (legs) and lacquered MDF board, while the frame is made of pine wood.

The bed is available without a mattress, but the frame for the mattress is always included. It is suitable for both a boy's and a girl's room. A protective rail and a 200x90 cm drawer can also be purchased separately. The product requires assembly.

The bed has an additional leg in the middle, shifted approximately 30 cm from the axis of symmetry due to the asymmetric division of the frame under the mattress (90 cm / 30 cm). This allows for the installation of a standard 200 x 90 cm bed drawer underneath.

The safety rail, under bed storage or mattress is not included.

Regarding its construction quality, the crib is crafted from robust, lacquered beech wood - for the bars and legs, while the frame is made of durable pine wood, and the ends from painted MDF board. Additionally, there is an option to acquire a safety rail and the uniquely tailored Sensitive or Prestige mattress as separate purchase
The SAGA collection is available in two colors: classic White and Grey – a fresh addition to the SAGA range, gaining wide acclaim among customers.

Safety: With safety and health in mind, the crib meets the EN-716 standard, and the materials used in production have a reduced formaldehyde content in accordance with EN16516 standard.

Dimension: Inside 200x120 Outside 204,5 /125,0 /53,5-64,5 cm

3 packages
1/3 package
length:  105 cm
width:  64 cm
height: 10,5 cm
weight: 24 kg

 2/3 package
length: 205,5 cm
width: 26 cm
height: 5,5 cm
weight: 13 kg

3/3 package -stelaż
length: 90 cm
width: 28 cm
height: 7,5 cm
 weight: 10,5 kg