FINNISH STRIPES Light Blue White Adult

2 199 kr

FINNISH STRIPES Here we have a super ergonomic armchair with adjustable belts on the sides to find your perfect position. Or let it all out and you have a large pillow to relax on. two sizes adult and kids.

When manufacturing the bean bag we paid particular attention to providing you with a product that is robust and stable, but at the same time elegant and stylish.

The result is our elegant FINNISH STRIPES .

Now adults and children can finally find a new way to relax! High-quality workmanship, simple cleaning the bag is carefully hand-crafted and finished down to the smallest details, with double stitching.

Three closures guarantee a perfect seal, a first Velcro closure and two further large anti-leak ZIPs completely seal the EPS polystyrene pearl padding, so no pellets scattered around the house The bean bag is made with the best polyester available on the market, it resists tears, abrasions, humidity and mould. Cleaning the cover of the bag is extremely simple: all you need is a damp cloth and possibly a little neutral soap.

  • 135 x 170 cm
  •  420 liter