David Bunk bed/ 2 single beds 90 x 200 cm with storage

Color: White
7 390 kr

Our David Bunk bed in Scandinavian style is perfect for two kids in similar age or twins. They can as toodles sleep in David as two separate beds close to the floor.                   

Then when they need a desktop or more space in the room for a relaxing bean bag or playground on the floor then you transform it to a bunk bed.

They get their own separate drawer to keep their things organized.

You can choose White, Natural, Grey or  Graphite/Dark Grey.

Don't forget to order the mattresses, they are not included!

Mattress frame - made
of FLEX type slats

Barrier height - 54 cm
Total height - 179 cm
Overall dimension 97 x 208 cm

Material: Pine wood

Safety standards
-In accordance with the safety standard
(load up to 90 kg per one sleep level)
-Paints certified to EN 71-3: 2019
-Production based on raw material having FSC 100%
-Drawers on rubber wheels
(in available colors, made in combination with
-Possibility to order removable barrier
-Fixed barrier included in the price off the beds
-Legs construction - 40x40 makes all the products more
stable and safe
-No sharp edges or burrs, accessories as ladders are
not interfering with useable area of the tread.

You surely know how important for your child's development is the right bed. It's about parameters such as mattress size, frame size or material of construction. But we should also empathise with the children's position: would we ourselves want to sleep on a bed that does not suit us in style? That is why at Scandinavian Stories by Marton you can choose the model of bed that suits your children. The range includes several items, from which you are sure to choose something both for a teenager, and for a toddler. One of the most amazing items is the DAVID bunk bed.

The DAVID bunk bed is recommended for children as young as two years old. If you configure it properly, your children can still use it as teenagers! This makes it much easier for you to plan your room space and in the long run - saves you a lot of money. The DAVID bunk bed has very high barriers which, in addition to protecting against falling, can also serve a decorative function. Your little ones will be able to decorate it as they wish with drawings, cut-outs and even photos.

More and more is being said about the importance of a good sleeping mattress for health. Parents of two children often have the particular problem of matching both mattresses in size and type to their child's needs. At Scandinavian Stories by Marton, you can completely personalise the DAVID children's bed. That means you'll get it with a perfect children's mattress, whether it's your child's first independent cot or you have a teenager at home. You can also order a bunk bed without a mattress if you already have your own.

Finding enough space for toys and bedding is a challenge at every home. Take a clever approach and choose a children's bed that can accommodate siblings while also providing roomy drawers for treasures. And order today the DAVID children's bed that your children will love!

High quality
We manufacture our beds in
accordance with
EN-747-1:2012+A1:2015, so the
product is made with the
highest safety standards for
the manufacture of children's

Additional arrangements
-Guaranteed durability thanks to method of spray painting
all the beds three times with water-based paints
-The production being done handmade by cautious workers,
making all the work top quality and free from defects
-Carefully packed products, delivered on pallets,
packed in thick, five-waved cardboard and secured with foam

The production is based solely
on resources with FSC 100%
certification, which guarantees
that the pine wood comes from
responsibly managed forests.